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Commercial Insurance

We understand business owners' insurance needs.

We understand business owners' insurance needs.

Small to mid-size business owners fill many roles in their businesses; fortunately, one role you don't have to fill is insurance specialist.

With our experience, expertise, and understanding of the region, we can answer your insurance questions while providing a wide range of coverage to make sure you, your business, and your employees are properly protected.

  • Business owners insurance is valuable for small to mid-size businesses, and we tailor business owners insurance solutions to fit your unique business. These insurance policies provide property coverage for your building and its contents and liability coverage for legal exposures specific to your business.

    Business owners insurance can also provide coverage for loss of business income. This is important because it covers the actual loss of income in the event of a covered loss during the time your property is being repaired or replaced.

  • General Liability coverage is important because you want to make sure your business is properly protected in the event of injuries and damages. We can help identify the right coverage for your size and type of business that can prevent your company from suffering substantial financial losses.

    Commerical General Liability provides coverage for:

    • Medical Expenses
    • Damages
    • Attorney Fees & more
  • When you manage a workforce, workers’ compensation coverage is essential to provide the protection you need to compensate employees for medical expenses and lost wages due to a work-related injury.

    We work with you to find the right workers' compensation and loss control solution for your business. Of course, one of the best ways to avoid injuries on the job is through safe practices. We can also help your business with loss control measures and provide options for dividend plans that reward good safety records with premium dollars returned.

    • Workers' Compensation: Protects your business from employee expenses due to accidents and injuries.
    • Loss Control: Safety training, safety program development, and more to reduce your business' risks.
  • We offer commercial automobile insurance coverage for business-related car travel to provide liability and physical damage protection for a single vehicle or an entire fleet. We understand the importance of providing insurance for your commercial vehicles that cover products, property, and employees in case of an accident, and these policies are intentionally flexible to fit your needs.

    • Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance: Gives your business an added layer of liability protection over and above your commercial policies (such as Business owners, General Liability, and Commercial Automobile).
    • Bonds (Surety Program)

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