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Your local connection to comprehensive financial solutions.<br/>

Your local connection to comprehensive financial solutions.

When we set out to provide financial solutions for clients, we take them through a four-step process that paves the way for a customized plan rooted in each client’s unique financial goals.

We follow this planning framework to provide the most convenient and comprehensive service, utilizing our full suite of holistic solutions and determining where they best fit our clients’ needs.

Step 1: Listen and Learn

This first step involves getting to know you, listening to what you envision for the future, and even what keeps you up at night.  Common financial goals include buying a home, starting or scaling a business, funding education, planning for retirement, or preserving wealth for the next generation. We take the time to identify each aspect of your financial plan's goals, timelines, priorities, individual risk tolerance, and time constraints. Gaining this deep understanding serves as a strong foundation for a customized financial plan.

Step 2: Gather Information

Next, we let you know what we’ll need to fully understand your current financial situation and look for opportunities to implement solutions. This may include income, expenses, assets, liabilities, existing investments, insurance policies, tax returns, and other relevant documents. Seeing this information helps us determine which strategies we should recommend and how to prioritize.

Step 3: Plan Development

Taking what we have learned, we develop a comprehensive financial plan that will serve as our roadmap for working together. Depending on your needs, we’ll collaboratively plan for key life events and make sure the plan is flexible to allow room for the unknown or as your goals evolve. We’ll recommend insurance coverage if you have identified gaps, create a plan for retirement with income planning, and we can even help set up your estate so your loved ones can carry on your legacy as you intend.

Step 4: Implementation and Review

Once we have an agreed-upon plan, we will begin to implement the solutions and get you on your way to living the financial future you envision. We may help set up investment or retirement accounts or purchase insurance policies to manage your risk. We’ll also establish a regular cadence of review sessions, so we stay on the same page and understand any changes in your life or goals. We will inform you of regulatory changes and market developments that might affect your plan, and you can reach out to us anytime.

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